Whitechapel Lass – December 2018

 Whitechapel Lass is a heartwarming story, following the life of Ruby Skinner and her daughter Victoria – separated from each other by dire circumstances for nineteen years. A captivating tale recommended for all historical fiction addicts. If you have enjoyed my previous titles, I guarantee you will love this one as well.

DESIGN (16)Whitechapel, London, 1836 Born into poverty and hardship, and living in the filthy squalor of the tenement buildings, Ruby Skinner’s decision to approach the unscrupulous East End villain, Donald McCoy, for help, ends in disaster. In a desperate bid to finance a move to rescue her ailing mother to the fresh air of the countryside, Ruby’s plan does not go as expected, and she realises, too late, that she has made a huge mistake, which will consequently shape the rest of her life. Robert Thornton, a wealthy businessman from the affluent area of Reigate, also had the misfortune of suffering from the underhand dealings with McCoy, and when curiosity forces him to pursue Ruby Skinner, the barriers which have always divided the social classes of the nineteenth century are put to test by the power of love. The thoroughly spoilt Clarissa Parker who has had her eyes set on Robert Thornton with the intention of becoming his wife is not prepared to give him up easily, and with her malicious plans, sets out to destroy Ruby and Robert’s happiness. When Ruby suddenly disappears, leaving behind her two-year-old daughter Victoria, Robert’s search for her ends in vain and leaves everyone to believe that she has somehow met with her death. Following in her mother’s footsteps, nineteen years later, Victoria flees her home, to escape the unsuitable arranged marriage to the wealthy landowner George Stone. In his determined search for her, Robert’s journey uncovers much more than he set out to find.