LOVING AUGUST-Book Two (The Sequel) August 2021

Book Two- The Sequel to ***Searching for Eleanor***

The year is eighteen-seventy-eight and the benevolent Hyde family of Oxford is busy preparing for the long-awaited wedding between Eleanor Whitlock and August Miller. The strong sisterly bond which Eleanor and Tilly share has never wavered and they stand by their solemn vow, made during their time spent in the workhouse, to live as blood sisters for the rest of their lives. For the first time in many years, Tilly now has a sense of belonging and a valued position in life and feels confident and safe in her beliefs that nothing in the world could ruin her newly found happiness.
Meanwhile, in London’s poverty-stricken, Whitechapel, Eleanor’s malevolent half-sister, Rayne Jackson, is plotting ways in which she can jeopardize Eleanor’s future joy. Convinced that August Miller is trapped in an unhappy relationship, Rayne’s overpowering love for him, together with her refusal to believe that he harbours any genuine affection for Eleanor has increased her determination to continue in her pursuit of him.
When a sudden turn of events occurs, causing an unfavourable change to Rayne and her grandmother’s welfare, suspicions are aroused by the arrival of the charismatic but dangerous, Buster Forbes. Keeping secret his past connection with his sworn enemy, the late Edward Jackson, Buster Forbes displays a generous and obliging nature towards Rayne and her grandmother, whilst biding his time before acting upon his dishonourable intentions.
Where will Rayne Jackson’s dangerous scheme lead her? Will Eleanor and August ever achieve true happiness and how much is Tilly prepared to suffer for the sake of her beloved Eleanor?