I’ve had a few books on my Kindle by this author for quite a while, thinking one day I’ll get round to reading them, well I did get round to reading this, and I must say, I wish I’d have read this before.
‘May of Ashley Green’ is a definite 5 ⭐, if not more. Thoroughly enjoyed it and now I’m going to read the rest of Lilly Adam’s books, such a surprise and what a wonderful book and author.
Fully recommend, loved it.



As with all books by Lilly Adam, Stella is enchanting. Lilly builds her characters well and makes it easy to sympathize with them as they go through various mishaps. I like too, the way she makes even the villain have a human side. You cannot really hate her and at times can even empathize with her. The bond between Stella and her maid Hetty that develops is heart warming and helps keep the horrors that Stella must face at bay. When Stella’s husband mysteriously disappears, the two young women work together to not only survive but to prosper. Lilly throws in the occasional twist that keeps things hopping, but the reader can count on a happy ending, and that is what I like.



This book was recommended on a Facebook page . I got a sample and read that in 10 minutes, I knew immediately I had to purchase this book. So 5 hours later I have finished the book. I am not going to give a synopsis of the book, I just recommend that you get the book. There are so many twists and turns to the story you never stop turning the pages. This author is new to me, but I will be watching out for other books. You will not regret purchasing this book – enjoy.



Another brilliant book by this author. How does she manage to write such wonderful books? Hope plenty more to come cannot wait for more!

A thumbs up to Lilly Adam for The Whipple Girl. A beautiful, sweet story of love and loyalty, and overcoming of violence and hate. Hester at a very young age takes on the responsibility of caring for and raising her baby sister. Though her life would have been infinitely better had she abandoned the responsibility, she never even considered it despite the many hardships and harsh punishments she received. At the same time, she holds in her heart the love of a boy she thinks she will never see again, but she cherishes that past comradeship. One of the things I love so much about Lilly’s works is her attention to detail. It is always there without being obtrusive. She just weaves them into her stories. She captures the Victorian age beautifully, and she develops her characters in a realistic manner. I can recommend any and all of her books, but right now, I have to say, The Whipple Girl is a real sweetheart.



This was a wonderful story to read about a family & how fate played its part in their lives. Heartache , sadness as well as very happy times. . I read it quickly as I couldn’t put it down.



Love, sadness, death and intrigue all in this very good read.
A romantic historical tale living in the heart of Whitechapel alongside the poverty and disease.
A book that is hard to put down but easy to reconnect when ready.
My first experience of Lilly Adam but hope there are others equally as good.



A beautiful story from beginning to the end I loved all the characters as if they were all my family and friends and I lived in the village to every one who wants to believe in story telling the old and the new readers because you become the family in lavender farm.



Hannah is an orphan born into the 19th Century, who escaped the orphanage to live with her loving adopted parents. Her adult life is full of drama and romance – I didn’t want to stop reading! This book has twists and turns you wouldn’t expect.

It is beautifully written and I look forward to reading more of Lilly Adam’s books. I would recommend this book to lovers of wholesome romance.



This was a terrific book could not put down. Although lots of characters it was explained in such a way was easy to follow. Will definitely be following this brilliant author!



Another excellent book by this author. I have read all her books and they never disappoint. Looking forward to reading many more.



Lilly Adam has again knocked one out of the ball park with Searching For Eleanor. As always, her character development is on target. You cannot help but feel all the trauma that young Eleanor is feeling. First to lose her father, then to find out she and her mom are left penniless, and she at the young age of fourteen must find a home for them as her mother is too grief stricken. The problems begin to mount up, but Eleanor is befriended by August Miller. The two soon realize they are meant for each other, but before they can plan a future, more horrors befall Eleanor and she and August are separated. Though lost to each other, they have not forgotten their growing love. Eleanor survives one horror after another, but eventually, with the help of her friend, Tilly, life improves. But will she ever find August again? He has his own special way of Searching for Eleanor, and he never loses hope. Lilly has a lovely way of showing us the wretched side of Victorian England, but she always shows us the good and kind side as well. Searching For Eleanor is a sweet romance and much more.